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Your mission, vision, and values are driven by a drive for liberation and justice, especially for the most historically marginalized. You want to infuse equity and inclusion in the way you show up as an organization and how you attract, select, and retain people in your organization. You know changing the world is about changing the way we work.

Welcome to EdPlus Consulting!

Since 2013, EdPlus has operated to disrupt the systems that get in the way of ensuring equity, liberation, and justice, especially for communities of color. We work with social impact organizations to change the conditions that hold inequitable talent management practices in place by shifting mental patterns that negatively influence what we think, say and do.

Committed to centering equity and operationalizing inclusivity in workplaces working for justice and liberation, EdPlus clients understand an equitable society requires an active and ongoing commitment to examining and adjusting traditional ways of working, and believe anti-racist practices benefit all. EdPlus partners with clients at various stages of their equity journeys to provide leadership coaching and development, strategy throughout the talent life-cycle, and session facilitation and design.

Our formula is simple: we sweat the details, use our knowledge of communities and connections, and maximize the capacity of relationships to both identify prospective candidates and unite internal teams during times of transition.

The following key principles guide our practice, demonstrate our uniqueness, and punctuate our success:

  1. People are the main drivers toward equity for students of color. Our talent management practice is designed to build the capacity of both individuals and organizations to close the current opportunity and access gaps.
  2. Connections are a critical tool for awareness of career options. We guide the alignment of skills + passions with opportunities. We offer in-person and virtual avenues for organizations and individuals committed to education equity to interact, get resources to support their success, and access career information. Our newsletter reaches over one thousand education and youth development advocates, while ongoing social media outreach touches local and national like-minded individuals through multiple channels.
  3. Alignment and longevity are best achieved when organizations establish conditions to support retention. We assist organizations in achieving optimal work conditions to support endurance in each team member’s role and select prospective candidates that best align with those conditions.
  4. Passion and purpose are critical to success in social justice-focused work. Our selection processes are designed to not only match skills and qualifications but to ensure passion and purpose will be a guiding principle of each candidate’s work.
  5. Successful searches appropriately engage all stakeholders within an organization. From needs assessment through selection, we communicate and encourage active participation from board members, students/program participants, staff, volunteers, community partners, funders, and more.
  6. Awareness and understanding are critical components of outreach, selection, and onboarding of any senior level executive leading work that will directly impact a community. Our team has nearly twenty years of experience working in and with all eight wards in DC as well as in using DC as a model for work in other cities.
  7. Systemic racism means that organizations designed to support marginalized communities face ongoing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. It is not enough for us to just recruit and select candidates of color to work in communities of color. We are therefore committed to shining a light on these issues and actively work to impact the prevailing conversation.

These principles guide the design of our successful recruitment and outreach campaigns. Our talent imprint reaches across the city, with our keen eye for selecting teachers who grow into school and program leadership, non-profit managers who develop into C-level leaders, and academic and program leaders who take organizations to new heights in schools and high impact youth-serving organizations.


Julia McNabb Kaufman, Director of Human Capital, Leading Educators
“Alicia Robinson and her consulting firm generated incredible candidate pools and leads, allowing us to hire truly talented education professionals. We’ve leveraged her services for the past four years and engaged her in multiple high-level job searches. Alicia consistently brought culture-aligned and results-oriented education talent, which allowed our rapidly growing organization to expand our team with the right people on board to drive success.  She has a can-do attitude when it comes to hiring work and supporting different hiring managers in meaningful hiring processes. Leading Educators highly recommends her talent services.”

Tiffany Quivers, Chief of Transformation, Q&A LLC
“You toggled between the head and the heart so seamlessly, helping me land at a new start. Thanks for being the wind beneath my dreams.”

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