EdPlus Consulting

Building and developing liberatory and inclusive teams.

Bridging the Gap between Intention and Action

We partner with organizations to align a vision for justice and liberation in their communities with inclusive workplace policies + practices.

Since 2013, EdPlus has operated to disrupt the systems that get in the way of ensuring equity, liberation, and justice, especially for communities of color. We work with social impact organizations to change the conditions that hold inequitable talent management practices in place by shifting mental patterns that negatively influence what we think, say and do.


Our clients are committed to equity and operationalizing inclusion.

EdPlus clients understand an equitable society requires an active and ongoing commitment to examining and adjusting traditional ways of working, and believe anti-racist practices benefit all. EdPlus partners with clients at various stages of their equity journeys to provide leadership coaching and development, strategy throughout the talent life-cycle, and session facilitation and design.

The following key principles guide our practice, demonstrate our uniqueness, and punctuate our success:

  • People are the main drivers for equity. Our talent management practice is designed to build the capacity of both individuals and organizations to center equity in how they work.

  • Connections should bring on transformation rather than exist as a transaction. We actively seek opportunities for our work to build trust and alignment so that individuals feel empowered and uplifted. 

  • Retention is driven by alignment and sustainability. We assist organizations in achieving inclusive work conditions to support endurance in each team member’s role and ensure all members of their team are aligned with those conditions.

  • Passion and purpose must co-exist in order for justice and liberation to thrive. We believe the strongest teams tap into their individual and collective “why” to ensure success.

  • All stakeholders have a role to play in organizational success. We are sure to engage boards and senior leaders as well as program staff and community members in the process of realizing a just and equitable workplace. 

  • Context matters and is a critical component of building an inclusive workplace. We acknowledge and include what's come before as we redesign for an even better workplace and world.

  • Systemic racism means that organizations designed to support marginalized communities face ongoing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Righting these historical wrongs will take more than just a focus on diversity. We strive for inclusive diversity where all individuals can bring their whole self to their teams. 

What People Are Saying:

Education Jobs

Barry O. Brinkley

Founding Site Director, College Track

"Alicia has become a great friend and thought partner in my education career over the years. Since I've known her she has always been a super positive force who will keep it real while helping to carve a thoughtful strategy through the DC education landscape. She's a true change agent and doing some awesome work to tear down the white supremacist culture that has created many/most of the present systems and practices that have kept people of color from leading and navigating in education."

Tiffany Quivers

Tiffany Quivers

Chief of Transformation, Q&A LLC
“You toggled between the head and the heart so seamlessly, helping me land at a new start. Thanks for being the wind beneath my dreams.”

"It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love and protect one another. We have nothing to lose but our chains." - Assata Shakur

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