About EdPlus

Since 2013, individuals and social impact organizations have called on EdPlus when they need to:

  • Launch new initiatives to increase inclusive diversity
  • Strategize about their current and future talent bench
  • Navigate DC's education landscape
  • Build systems for talent recruitment, selection, and retention
  • Connect to mission-driven work or to individuals seeking real impact in their careers
  • Develop managers and senior leaders to dismantle oppressive systems and cultivate inclusion and belonging

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I’m Alicia Robinson, Founder at EdPlus Consulting.

Once upon a time I…

  • Was the Chief Talent Officer at DC Prep, a charter management organization for students in preschool-8th grade ranked for multiple consecutive years as the highest performing CMO in Washington, DC.
  • Was a teacher in DC public schools - first in DCPS as part of the inaugural class of DC Teaching Fellows, and then as a member of the founding faculty of DC Prep.
  • Led education and recruitment initiatives at the Washington Scholarship Fund and New Leaders for New Schools. I hustle to make magic happen!
  • Made tons of connections as an event planner and publicist. I can manage like a boss!

Since 2013 I've helped connect mission-driven individuals with education and social sector organizations. It's given me the opportunity to see firsthand what's working and what's broken about every aspect of the talent management cycle. Now I'm using all the wisdom I've collected to help organizations put their equity ideals into action. This work isn't just the right thing to do; it's the only way to justice and liberation.

We challenge ourselves and our clients to imagine a world where people of the global majority are celebrated and power and privilege no longer dictate access, opportunity, and ability to thrive.

What We Believe

Say the thing

Push the envelope

Get to the root

Appreciate historical context

Put people first

Deconstruct narratives

Center racial equity

Do hard things

Lift as we climb

Create community

Connect the dots

Create a lasting legacy for good

Use privilege for good

Shift power

Open access for others

Spotlight potential

Language matters

Appreciate that context is critical

“I invite each of us to imagine a world characterized by liberation. I invite each of us to imagine liberation in our lifetime. I invite each of us to imagine that we can help to make liberation happen." - Barbara J. Love

Our Clients

Academy of Hope Public Charter School

Achievement Prep Public Charter School

AppleTree Early Learning Public Charter School

Bellwether Education Partners

Camelback Ventures

Center City Public Charter Schools

Charter Board Partners (now Education Board Partners)

Cornerstone Prep

DC Scholars

Ed Fuel

EL Haynes Public Charter School

Flamboyan Foundation

Ingenuity Prep

Leading Educators

National Charter Collaborative

Partnership for America's Children


Scholar Academies

Stand for Children



Urban Teachers