About EdPlus

About EdPlus Consulting
YOU are an educational professional committed to eradicating education inequity.

But right now you’re worried your strengths and passions are going to waste...

Or maybe, you feel stuck in the mud in a career rut? Uninspired and stagnant?
Thinking, “I love my job, but where is it all really leading to?”
Sound familiar?

Or are you a SCHOOL or EDUCATION ORGANIZATION struggling to find your people?

Talented individuals who have their heart in line with your mission.
You know? The ones whose compassion and fire for their work makes you smile?
Or maybe keeping the great folks you already have (educational professionals who are everything your school ever wanted) feels like a losing battle?

You desperately want connections to talented education professionals. But you’re without a clue on how to develop a talent management strategy that keeps the best of the best loyal and by your side.

Guess what? We’ve got you covered.

Say hello to EdPlus Consulting! We pair quality, mission-driven individuals with schools and education organizations throughout Washington, DC and around the country. We’re proud of our matchmaking skills because we appreciate the importance of linking someone’s inner-fire (their passion and skills!) with an organization’s drive to enhance their mission and culture. Because when the right “match” is lit, you get FIREWORKS. We’re specifically driven to work with educational professionals who are invested in education as a social justice issue.

We’ve got services that’ll get you IN FORMATION for SOCIAL JUSTICE:

  • Coaching and consulting for talent professionals and career searchers
  • Recruitment and talent management support for schools and education organizations
  • Professional development for those leading talent management initiatives within high-impact organizations.


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I’m Alicia Robinson, Chief Career Catalyst at EdPlus Consulting, and CONNECTION is totally my thing! I just can’t help myself. I feel alive and aligned with my purpose when I’m helping folks connect with the passions that matter to them.

Serendipity is my ABSOLUTE favorite word. That magical coming together of two things that beautifully complement each other sets my SOUL ON FIRE. I love an opportunity to see how a nudge of effort can unite people, concepts, or ideas.

Connection + Serendipity is why EdPlus Consulting exists.

In 2013, I founded EdPlus Consulting because I had a deep desire to improve educational equity for ALL marginalized communities. I have 15+ years' experience working in early childhood through 12th grade urban education as an instructor, non-profit manager, talent/human assets executive, and a career coach.

Once upon a time I…

  • Was the Chief Talent Officer at DC Prep, a charter management organization for students in preschool-8th grade ranked for multiple consecutive years as the highest performing CMO in Washington, DC. Yep, pretty awesome, huh? 😉
  • Was a teacher in DC public schools - first in DCPS as part of the inaugural class of DC Teaching Fellows, and then as a member of the founding faculty of DC Prep. I’ve been where you are!
  • Led education and recruitment initiatives at the Washington Scholarship Fund and New Leaders for New Schools. I hustle to make magic happen!
  • Made tons of connections as an event planner and publicist. I can manage like a boss!

I walked an honest road toward education talent management, and in the process built the largest network of connections in the Washington, DC marketplace!

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished because, you see, my passion-driven work connects educators invested in social justice with the organizations that help fan the flames of their spark. I also work hard to help passionate education organizations recruit and retain the talent they love. With every passing year, I’ve dug deep to bring my clients more support, including professional development for those leading talent management initiatives within high-impact organizations, and coaching for talent professionals and career searchers.

The work I do is the work I was made for, and I want to connect you with the work you were made for!

Find the work you love. Recruit the talent you want.

Light That Spark with EdPlus Consulting


Our Mission

EdPlus is committed to erasing the connection between factors like income and zip code on the educational quality of our nation’s students through a continuum of talent services focused around the people and organizations making a difference in public education.


Let us find your education career connection!

What We Do

Our work addresses two critical overarching needs in the talent management space – supporting organizations to find, select, and retain great people and helping education professionals connect to and succeed in work they love. Here are some examples of how we’ve partnered with previous school-based and organization clients:

• Board recruitment outreach
• Functional coaching for senior education talent professionals
• Organizational talent, compensation, and culture assessments
• Peer Learning Community design and facilitation for teacher leaders and talent professionals
• Search support for executive to junior level instructional (coaches, school leaders, etc.) and non-instructional (operations, administrative, etc.) openings
• Selection design
• Teacher recruitment and retention strategy design

Executive Search and Strategic Consulting Partial Client List

  • Academy of Hope Public Charter School
  • Achievement Prep Public Charter School
  • AppleTree Early Learning Public Charter School
  • Center City Public Charter Schools
  • Charter Board Partners
  • Cornerstone Prep
  • Ed Fuel
  • EL Haynes Public Charter School
  • Flamboyan Foundation
  • Leading Educators
  • Scholar Academies
  • Stand for Children
  • TeachPlus
  • TNTP

Light That Spark with EdPlus Consulting