Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty

If you’re like most education organizations — especially school-based or school-affiliated — all should be relatively quiet on the talent recruitment front at this time of year. You’re hopefully using some of this month to analyze what worked and what didn’t from last season and putting systems + structures in place for the next.

Are you also using this time to cultivate prospects for next hiring season? One of my education talent colleagues recently said, “the secret to amazing talent is to dig your well before you’re thirsty.” Is your organization waiting until you’re thirsty to start recruiting or digging into the talent well now?

Organizations with the best talent attraction and retention rates know there’s no time like the present to be getting to know candidates that might fit your future needs.

Cultivation and Passive Recruitment Tips
1.  Keep job postings up on your website year-round. Let applicants know you’re collecting resumes for future hiring needs or in the event your needs change.

2. Capitalize on opportunities to meet other education professionals. Map out some key events happening this fall that draw in education professionals and make plans to attend.

3. Offer opportunities for prospects to get to know you. This is a great time of year to build relationships with people currently unsure about their future plans or that might want to know more about the things that make your organization unique. Many organizations do this by hosting webinars, happy hours, or professional development events even during these months of passive recruitment.

4. Reach out to top prospects that didn’t accept last season’s offer to join your team to see how they’re doing. They’ll be so grateful that you remember them. Plus, you never know until you call if they’re feeling like they made the wrong choice and want to re-consider your organization’s openings!

5. Partner with EdPlus to find the education talent you need. Connecting education professionals with job opportunities at schools and education organizations is our speciality. Join our network to post as many job openings as you want for as long as you want. Your network membership also allows you to browse resumes of candidates actively interested in being considered for current or future opportunities.

Everyday is Great Day for Recruitment!