ReformED is a community for anyone who :

  • Believes in improving public education as a matter of social justice
  • Is dissatisfied with the current state of inequity for students, families, and adults involved in our schools
  • Thinks it will take more than just making changes to our school system for all students regardless of zip code to achieve equal access and opportunity
  • Understands that none of us are liberated until we all are.

Through published content, events, and member connections, ReformED will encourage people to get informed and get empowered to:

  • Increase their impact in their current job, a burgeoning side hustle or full on entrepreneurial endeavor, or by taking the steps to find a new employer and role that better aligns with the impact they desire.
  • Promote empathy across difference, especially to allow marginalized people to have their voices heard.
  • Live an authentic life through opportunities to speak and share in environments free from repercussions.
  • Connect with others to form collaborations to promote change.