Educator Spotlight — Aaron Stallworth

Name: Aaron Stallworth

Current Role: Senior Relationship Manager at United Negro College Fund

Length in Current Role: 5 months

Favorite thing about what I get to do everyday: Share academic, social and financial resources that advance outstanding college students from underserved communities.

Spirit Animal: Clydesdale — They work hard and make it work, no matter the rigor, with grace and the appearance of ease.

What’s your superpower: I have been called “the glue”. I am able to bring the pieces together in order for a project to run successfully.

Best lesson learned from a mentor or someone I admire: Always keep your standard at a level that reflects your best work.

What I do to make lemonade out of lemons on my toughest days: Take a walk in the sun or listen to good music. If only for a moment.

What education equity means to me: Understanding that everyone has a different starting point and providing resources to those with the short end of the stick, allowing them to better get to the same finish.

My favorite thing to do to relax and rejuvenate: Walk in the sun, work in my garden or listen to good music.

The practices/habits that help keep me grounded and maintain perspective when I’m feeling stressed, overworked, or unmotivated are:Spending time with the students I serve and finishing my day with my 2 and 5 year old sitting in my lap for story time is a great recharge for the work.

Who I turn to for advice or guidance when I need career direction: Alicia Robinson, classmates from grad school and a few close friends.

The advice I’d give to someone trying to find their career sweet spot: Talk to as many people in your field as possible. There are avenues unexplored that your peers may be able to share with you.

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