Julia McNabb Kaufman, Director of Human Capital, Leading Educators
“Alicia Robinson and her consulting firm generated incredible candidate pools and leads, allowing us to hire truly talented education professionals. We’ve leveraged her services for the past four years and engaged her in multiple high-level job searches. Alicia consistently brought culture-aligned and results-oriented education talent, which allowed our rapidly growing organization to expand our team with the right people on board to drive success.  She has a can-do attitude when it comes to hiring work and supporting different hiring managers in meaningful hiring processes. Leading Educators highly recommends her talent services.”
Katie Severn, Chief Academic Officer, DC Prep
“Alicia's work is thorough and detailed. She has outstanding follow-through and time management skills, though her detail-orientation never detracts from her commitment to truly seeing and knowing her clients. Alicia's strong interpersonal skills are the hallmark of her craft -- she is engaging, a good listener and a thoughtful collaborator.”
Happy ReformED member
“You’re my career Fairy Godmother! I am so grateful for your presence in my life!”
Tiffany Quivers, Chief of Transformation, Q&A LLC
“You toggled between the head and the heart so seamlessly, helping me land at a new start. Thanks for being the wind beneath my dreams.”
Special Educator Ready for a Change
“Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement! I can’t believe how fast this has all happened and I know that this is a stepping stone to my next great fit, so I’m looking forward to our continued conversations. I and all of the DC education world are so luck to have you!”
Kelly Gleischman, Director of Programs, EdFuel
“Alicia is a rock-solid advisor, incredible facilitator, and trusted source for all topics talent-related. Her warmth, passion, and breadth of knowledge is unparalleled; everyone who works with Alicia ultimately becomes a strong leader and thinker as a result of her coaching and consultancy. Our decision to partner with Alicia for the past two years was truly one of our best decisions as an organization!”
Seeking Advice and a Listening Ear
“Alicia drew on her experience to provide examples and reassurance. She gave clear, specific pieces of advice. She listened non-judgmentally and asked questions that showed she cared and wanted to better understand the whole picture.”
With Options but Needing Opinions
“I trusted that I would get probed by a neutral party and that the conversation would be confidential. I needed to talk through a tough situation regarding a new position I was considering.”
Ashley Harding
“Alicia is incredibly thoughtful and intentional about the relationships and networks she brings her clients into, and she is outstanding at placing you in your dream job!”
Dedicated but Directionless in DC
“Do it! Just reaching out and getting someone else’s perspective is always helpful, and especially someone as seasoned and connected as Alicia. Her positivity is contagious.”
Lydia Carlis, Chief Eyemagination Officer, eyemaginED
“Alicia is awesome at connecting people and opportunities and really wanting good fits for both the company and the employee. Many talent folks only focus on one or the other.”