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An exclusive community of education professionals united by the quest for education equity + motivated by a desire for support, resources, and guidance in the pursuit of education career bliss.


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Could you benefit from a community of like-minded educators

looking to find their career bliss?

Do you want to discover your career sweet spot, where all the stars –

passion, expertise, and purpose – align?


  • Who this is for

    Education professionals at all stages of their careers who are committed to erasing education inequity and:

    • Love their work but struggle with balancing their time, relationships with colleagues or other aspects that impact career happiness, or
    • Dream of having a larger impact but aren’t sure how to do it, or
    • Are ready to make a shift in their education career but aren’t sure where to start, or
    • Want to better understand the possibilities for their education career, or
    • Want to have higher-level conversations with like-minded educators on how to align their interests and avoid career burnout, or
    • Who have found their education career bliss, want to keep and want to help others do the same!
  • What you’ll get

    Online Community – exclusive access to a secret Facebook Group regularly updated with connections, tips, resources and inspiration for varied stages of your education career bliss and desires

    Community Newsletter – weekly e-newsletter filled with advice, profiles of education professionals, and more

    Weekly Group Call – a chance to connect with the community for advice, news, and motivation

    Career Connections – connections to hiring managers and people resources in support of career searches and general career exploration

    Exclusive Pricing for Coaching Services – 5% off all coaching packages with Alicia

    Office Hours –  schedule a 15-minute chat to get answers to targeted questions 

    Quick Career Consulation – opportunity to schedule a members-only 30-minute advice consultation for only $50 (a savings of $25)

    Monthly Meetups – a chance for social connection and professional networking after hours

Why You Should Join Today

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Be part of a tribe of individuals dedicated to ensuring their best education career life and able to help you with yours

Have a place to turn for resources, guidance, tips, and support – whatever you need when you need it – as you navigate your education career

Feel empowered about your education career bliss at every stage of your journey.


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