EdPlusConsulting ServicesLet EdPlus Consulting be your education connection partner!

You’re ready to make an impact with your passion.
But matching your skills and goals with an organization that understands is hard!

Or maybe you’re a school or educational organization looking for that special talent.
An education professional that’ll elevate your organization’s mission to make a difference.

You want to CONNECT.
You want to EDUCATE.
You want to CREATE CHANGE.
Together. One student at a time.

Welcome to EdPlus Consulting!

What do we want to do?
We want to connect, educate, and create change--one career at a time.

We’re looking to spark a match between mission-driven people who want to use their skills to make an impact, and schools and education organizations looking for their support. We followed our passion to improve educational equity for marginalized communities, so we’re searching for the best and brightest educational professionals, justice-seekers who see education as more than just a job, to work with organizations that share their goals.

We bring the right people to the right work!

What’s our specialty?

Creating talent connections between education professionals and high-impact education organizations. We use best practices gained from 15+ years in the education profession and talent management sector.

We’re here to help you EXCEL with access to the people, places, and resources that ensure team and career SUCCESS!

For Education Professionals

  • Career search support
  • Growth and transition coaching
  • Passion & purpose alignment
  • Supportive community
  • Professional development
  • Meet-ups

For Schools and Education Organizations

  • Recruitment sourcing
  • Talent management consultation + coaching