**We are not accepting new coaching clients at this time. Email arobinson@edplusconsulting.com if you are interested in a referral to another coach.**

You are mission-driven, social justice-minded and want to make a difference in the world.   But the work you’re doing doesn’t align with the results you want to see.

…Maybe you’re a teacher or school leader driven by a desire to see equity for marginalized students but dissatisfied with the prevailing methods available to get there.

…Perhaps the mission of your current organization doesn’t go as deep as you’d like to get in seeing radically different results.

…Or is it possible that your vision for how to bring equity, opportunity and access for marginalized communities, anti-racist policies and actions, or other social justice minded initiatives has evolved.

There are SO MANY reasons we should work together!

Just take a look.

We can…

Take your love for education equity + your strengths and map out a career path that aligns with the results you want to see in the world

Take that burning desire you have for a side hustle with impact from idea to implementation

Reignite your current path by reconnecting with your why

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Work with Chief Career Catalyst, Alicia Robinson, to align your passion for mission-driven work with the right next steps on your career journey. Whether you’re an education professional grappling with making adjustments to your current career or one looking to shift gears to something new, Alicia takes you through a process of self-reflection, guided questioning, resource sharing, support, and accountability to find the path that’s right for you.

Each session is a customized opportunity to explore the alignment between your strengths, passions, and career goals. You’ll walk away with clarity on your career direction, tools and resources for your career development or search and more. Get guidance on how to kick start the path to career fulfillment, whether through exploring a more aligned career, starting a new job search, or developing a social justice-minded side project that you’ve always dreamed of making possible. 

All sessions take place by phone or video conference.

Half-Day Session

Includes client pre-work, 3-hour in-person or video conference session, 15 minute check-up 10 days after session, and takeaway tools and resources to help you reach your goals.

This is the perfect package if you’re looking to dig into a distinct issue in your career or organizational talent management strategy. You'll get pre-work so that I can come to our session ready with answers, targeted questions, tips and resources. We'll spend dedicated time together developing your plan of action and next steps.

Cost: $1,100

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**We are not accepting new coaching clients at this time. Email arobinson@edplusconsulting.com if you are interested in a referral to another coach.**

"Pick My Brain" Session

Includes one 45-60-minute phone session.

This is for you if you have an immediate block, problem, or challenge you want to address. Come with a challenge you’re having around your personal career planning or development or a talent management challenge your organization is facing.

Cost: $350

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**We are not accepting new coaching clients at this time. Email arobinson@edplusconsulting.com if you are interested in a referral to another coach.**

Speed "Brain Picking" Session

We get numerous requests for quick advice on careers, entrepreneurism, and more. Though we have to prioritize client work, a limited number of complimentary 15-minute consultations have been made available per month.

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**We are not accepting new coaching clients at this time. Email arobinson@edplusconsulting.com if you are interested in a referral to another coach.**

Personality Assessments with Monica Vergara

Are you looking to access data to help inform your professional path? Have the performance evaluations you’ve engaged in throughout your career left you even more unclear about your professional strengths and how to best leverage them to do the work that fuels your passion? EdPlus Consulting has partnered with Business Impact Associates to bring EdPlus clients one of the most reliable, well-respected, and easy-to-understand assessments focused on behaviors in the work environment that can impact your career development and search. The WorkPlace Big Five™ profile is based on the most widely respected personality model in the personality research area – the Five-Factor Model of Personality.  This investment in your career development includes:

  • 107 online questions that can be completed in 10-15 minutes
  • A full and detailed report of your personality profile made up of two PDF files –
    • The Trait Report – Your WorkPlace Big Five Profile scores
    • The Narrator Report – Your scores explained in written form
  • A WorkPlace Big Five Profile Workbook with additional information and exercises to aid in your development and self-discovery
  • one-on-one, 90-minute session with certified WorkPlace Big Five organizational development consultant Monica Vergara customized to whichever focus you may be interested in – i.e. career development, management/leadership/sales style, relationships (personal or professional), and/or renewal and self-discovery.

Add on one of EdPlus’ coaching packages and use your WorkPlace Big Five results to guide your career discovery and development process to:

  • Establish clear goals on where you want to take your career

  • Align your passions with the strengths you can bring to various roles, organizations, and mission-driven efforts

  • Outline your career development plan, including where you can access additional training and support for continued growth

  • Learn how to focus on your strengths as professional assets to highlight throughout your career journey, including in your professional branding (e.g. resume, LinkedIn profile)

  • Explore how to align your desired lifestyle with a career that works best for you

  • And so much more!


Not sure a coach or consultant is worth the investment of time or money? Explore a few articles that prove it's worth the investment!


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Join an online community for anyone who:

  • Believes in improving public education as a matter of social justice.
  • Is dissatisfied with the current state of inequity for students, families, and adults involved in our schools.
  • Thinks it will take more than just making changes to our school system for all students regardless of color and zip code to achieve equal access and opportunity.

Through published content, events, and member connections, ReformED will encourage people to get informed and get empowered to:

  • Increase their impact in their current job, a burgeoning side hustle or full on entrepreneurial endeavor, or by taking the steps to find a new employer and role that better aligns with the impact they desire.
  • Promote empathy across difference, especially to allow marginalized people to have their voices heard.
  • Live an authentic life through opportunities to speak and share in environments free from repercussions.
  • Connect with others to form collaborations to promote change.