There’s Power in Our Stories…And Here’s A Little of Mine

Let’s start from the very beginning

When I mustered up the courage, put aside the shame and guilt, and decided to chose risk over comfort by leaving my role as Chief Talent Officer at the highest performing charter school network in the nation’s capital, my plan of action started with traditional expectations about how to find a new job.


– Contact my network
– Review job announcements on targeted sites
– Update my résumé and LinkedIn profile
Soon, I realized that I was at a point in my life and my career that I needed to do more than just engage in a passive job search – the kind where I went about trying to convince hiring managers that I did in fact have the qualifications and skills they’d outlined on their job announcement. I needed my career search to originate from my most authentic self. I wanted to be the master of my own destiny – defining what I wanted out of my work, determining what was important to me, understanding where I wanted to put my impact, and defining how my time and energy would be used. Next thing I knew, I was asking my employer to support me in securing a career coach and accepting the opportunity to be coached by a former colleague who’d just started transition coaching.
Ode to my coaches
Surround yourself with those who help you show your sparkle.Originally, I didn’t know what I wanted from my team of coaches, but I knew I didn’t want to embark on this journey alone. I knew I needed accountability and empathy. Plus, I’m pretty sure I initially just wanted them to tell me what to do with my life.Funny thing was that despite nearly six months of impactful, soul-revealing, and thought-provoking coaching, I don’t think they ever gave me one word of advice. I know it sounds kind of “woo-woo” and mystical to say, but much like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I always had it in me. My coaches were my guides through self-reflection, my drill sergeants toward awareness of my real desires, and my cheerleaders in me being the architect of my own dreams. In their unique, patient, and gentle way, they secured my trust and held me accountable as they partnered with me to outline goals and timelines.

Through mYou've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.y coaches, I realized what was most important to me was defining the career lifestyle that most aligned with my soul. I actually coined the term, “career lifestyle” while working with my coaches (I mean I’m not trademarking it or anything because someone probably has; it’s notthat original!). This term has guided my decision-making since then and throughout the two-and-a-half years and counting that I’ve been a solopreneur. It has kept me grounded in a desire to work for education equity and be able to have a flexible schedule and work location. It helps me say yes to the clients and projects that most align with my values and no to the ones that don’t. It has helped me be selective in where I put volunteer hours and which causes I support. Maybe most importantly, it has helped me speak my truth, live my truth, and help others do the same.

Authenticity is not something we have or don't have.The value of the coaching I received in 2013 will likely always be with me. And even though I don’t have an official engagement with either of them anymore, one of them has become a close friend and continues to be amongst my greatest cheerleaders. I check in with the other about every six months and almost daily remember that time she first introduced me to the work of Brené Brown that continues to shape my beliefs and thinking. I now have a new coach that is the right investment for my current needs around business growth and development while keeping my heart at the center of my work.
I didn’t know my own strength
You Got This!Clearly, I’ve learned a lot – both about myself and how to create happiness while working for education equity. It was no wonder that people started reaching out to me early in my solopreneurship to ask me for help in finding their own education career bliss. It’s been one of my favorite things to do and why I’ve made 2016 the year in which I formalize and structure my ability to offer this to others. One thing I know for sure is that there is no curriculum program, no assessment, and no school model that can give our most traditionally underserved students the education they deserve if the adults leading the work to support them are not able to be in their bliss. It doesn’t mean that everyone should start their own business. Still, I firmly believe any educator can find their career bliss when they understand their core desires, connect to their why and operate from a place of authenticity.Why all of this matters to you
If you’re just looking for career placement, I can help but it’s not where I really shine. Yes I’ve worked in education, particularly in DC, for fifteen years with much of that time spent selecting talent for education roles. It’s true that I know a lot of people in positions to hire for a variety of education jobs locally and around the country. If I can make the connection that lands you your dream job, I’d welcome the opportunity to do whatever I can.

Still, where I can really be helpful to you in your education career – the way I can actually support you to be successful, happy, and productive in your current job or the one you hope to find – is to be your partner in a process of self-discovery and guide you in clarifying and achieving your goals. Together, we can explore how:

  • You want to feel about your work
  • To integrate all aspects of your life – career, family, hobbies, and the things you value most
  • To stand in your truth and bring your authentic self to your workplace
So many people tell me they don’t know to articulate their values or aren’t in tune with their authentic self enough to possibly advocate for what they need and want.
That’s Completely Normal!
And I’ve been there…
…Assuming because I was in a noble profession the rest would fall in line.
…Believing my value was tied to how much time + effort I put in my work.
…Being a person of color and recognizing that society is set up to make me feel like I always need to go above and beyond to demonstrate my worth to others.
Been There...Done That
I can help you through it!