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Some things that piqued my interest…

Equity and Justice

Capital B Black Becomes Standard Usage at the New York Times The Seattle Times is the latest publication to update its style guide to include a capital “B” when using Black to describe people and descendants of the African diaspora. 

Equity Fatigue and How it Affects Leaders of Color Constant discussion of systemic injustice, racism and oppression is especially exhausting for people of color. That doesn’t mean we should stop having the conversations, but it is important to take healthy breaks.

Generosity and Impact Aren’t Enough. Let’s Judge Philanthropy on How Well it Shifts Power Looking for ways to dismantle systems of inequity? This article offers some ways to reimagine the role of charity.

“Laughing barrels” and the defiant spirit of Black laughter I learned even more details about the horrors of American slavery through this article. But what I really took away from this article is the reminder of the tradition of Black laughter as resistance and survival. 

Remembering the Instants in the 401st Year 228 Accelerator Founder Caroline Hill penned this beautiful piece about pilgrimage, peace, and progress following a recent trip to Ghana to commemorate the Year of Return.

Scene on Radio Season 4: The Land That Never Has Been Yet The latest season in this podcast series promises to complicate or upend the listeners’ understanding of American history. It uses field recordings and interviews with leading thinkers to tell under-told stories and explore critical questions at the heart of America’s founding and growth. 

Thinking Critically About Race As A Step Toward Equity Recently published in Principal Leadership magazine, Simon Rodberg offers school leaders tips on how “to see our students as impacted by race without making race determinative”. 

This Is My Story – 1 – With LeVar Burton Levar Burton has released a video series on YouTube where he shares stories about some of the racist experiences common to Black people in the United States. 

Pro Tips

The 30 Best Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs in 2019 This article is designed for start-up tech entrepreneurs, but it offers practical advice for all of us working to scale ideas and create effective and efficient organizations.

The Accordion Principle My very own business coach, Pamela Slim, reminds us of the benefits of vacillating between big picture strategy and the specific and narrow details.

The Definitive Guide to Negotiating as a Woman Emilie Aries has put together this comprehensive and free guide to help women earn their worth.

What Happens When Your Career Becomes Your Whole Identity This article reminded me of so many of us living in the DMV, working in the education sector, and more. Read it as a reminder that you are more than your career.