Educator Spotlight – Alicia Robinson

Name: Alicia Robinson

Current Role: Chief Career Catalyst, EdPlus Consulting

Length in Current Role: 3 years on July 1st

Favorite thing about what I get to do everyday: Getting to talk with people passionate about creating the kind of educational opportunities they’d want for their own children and helping them connect their passion with work where they can be their best.

Person/Place/Thing That Best Exemplifies Me: I have a few, but right now Prince Rogers Nelson is my spirit animal. I’m inspired by his clarity of personal purpose and the fact that he never shied away from the opportunity to speak his truth or stand up for his convictions.

Best lesson learned from a mentor or someone I admire: I’ve learned lots of lessons from many people. One of my favorite grounds me in the reality that though it is important to bring my best self and work to any job, I’m never indispensable or irreplaceable; life will actually go on without me there.

What I do to make lemonade out of lemons on my toughest days: I escape into a good tv series, journal, read a book, or plan some self care like a mani/pedi or a massage. And then I start the next day remembering that most things don’t matter five years from now, let alone one year from now.

What education equity means to me: I believe we will have achieved true education equity when every child has access to a world of possibilities and money and background are not barriers to achievement.

My favorite thing to do to relax and rejuvenate: Visit my nephews (one of whom is a dog :-)!)

The practices/habits that help keep me grounded and maintain perspective when I’m feeling stressed, overworked, or unmotivated are: Maintaining a tribe of friends who always have my back, morning motivational readings, and learning how to say no.

Who I turn to for advice or guidance when I need career direction: My tribe and my business coach.

The advice I’d give to someone trying to find their career sweet spot: My absolute favorite advice is to push beyond the should’s and the must’s to what truly lights your soul on fire.